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**Demo Units may contain minor defects from product development, testing and demonstration.**


CON Case: 22" Portable Monitor and Power SupplyDrone Ground Station

The Con Case is a portable 22” monitor in a rugged case with an integrated power supply. Complete standalone solution to second and larger screen. The case was developed to be used by Public Safety personnel to view UAV /drone video. The screen is great for pilots and support personnel. Built in speaker.


Hard case has external power, HDMI and USB plug. Charges via 110 wall plug or 12 volt. Two HDMI cables included.

Additional storage inside the case can fit many samller drones.

The case can be adapted for use by anyone where a portable monitor or screen would be used. Can be used with DVD players and game systems. Great for kids on camping trips, tailgates and other outdoor activities.

Drone and remote are not included.

CON Case Demo

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